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Welcome! This site is still under construction. Feel free to visit my blog, my personal blog, or my flickr account for my snapshots and personal photos.

Katie Gould Photography is my hobby and one day may be much more than that - I am currently offering discounted rates for private sessions to build my portfolio, click on the "About" link above for more information.

You may see photos with the watermark "Katie Thomson" and wonder who that is - well, that's me too! I started building my portfolio before my wedding (October 2010!) so some images have my maiden name for copyright.

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!


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Fun Projects

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Created 13-May-10
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Fun Projects


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Created 14-May-10
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Steampunk World's Fair

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Created 18-May-10
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Steampunk World's Fair


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Created 7-Aug-11
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Created 9-Feb-11
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Mel's Mythological Birthday Symposium

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Created 13-Apr-11
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Mel's Mythological Birthday Symposium

WDYDWYD - Burning Man 2011

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Created 16-Oct-11
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WDYDWYD - Burning Man 2011

Eastern State Penitentiary

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Created 26-Oct-11
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Eastern State Penitentiary

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